SIP Trunking

Enjoy the many benefits that come with cloud communications without having to entirely ditch your phone system.

Not ready for a Cloud Communication System? Still utilizing a Traditional Premise based phone system? That’s okay – SIP Trunking is here to help.

With SIP you pay for what you use and it’s extremely flexible. Your call capacity can shrink and grow with the needs of your business. It’s also far less expensive than traditional land lines as SIP does not require additional infrastructure or connectivity– it utilizes the internet you’re already using. This helps cut down on costs big time and makes management a breeze.

Easy Deployment – with SIP you can get numbers and dial tone in an instant, so long as you have internet access. It no longer takes weeks ordering new numbers or adding new lines. A SIP Trunk and phone numbers can be turned up with a few clicks of a mouse.

Redundancy – with SIP you are not at the mercy of your phone system or the power or internet at your office, the ‘cloud’ is backing you up. No more “your call cannot be reached” message from the traditional phone carriers because someone hit a telephone pole. Should there be an issue at the business premise, SIP can automatically re-direct calls to mobile phones or a back up cloud voicemail system. Your caller will never know.

Security – with SIP you know your calls are secure. We utilize advanced network security and data encryption to keep your calls private, and your customer data protected.

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