Voice to Text

Use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically transcribe voicemails received by a user’s voice mailbox.

Voice to Text is ideal for busy professionals who can’t be accessible at a moment’s notice, are often in meetings, or in an environment where it’s not possible to listen to a message. Voice to Text offers a practical, at-a-glance way to keep up with the messages that need your attention and prioritization. With Voice to Text transcription, you can consult your voice messages at a time and place that’s most convenient for you. Users can efficiently hone in on specific transcribed messages to find exactly the information they need – from contact information to payment details to an address for their next meeting.

What are the Benefits of Voice to Text?

  • Maximum Accuracy: Our Voice to Text solution uses Google’s Cloud Speech API for Speech to Text transcription which has better accuracy than many voice transcription solutions. The transcriptions made over our platform represent the truest content of your customers’ voicemails.
  • Efficiency and Flexibility: Users can read their Voice to Text transcriptions at their own convenience – via email, SMS, or a mobile app
  • Call Transcriptions: In addition to voicemail transcriptions, you are able to put recordings of your business phone calls into writing. This will create a complete text archive of telephone communications resulting in a massive benefit to productivity and workflow.
  • Added Compliance and Security: Using Google Cloud’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API, our Voice to Text services will allow your business to redact text from the final transcription for compliance or other business purposes. You can easily remove certain types of sensitive data, while still having access to the transcriptions that you need to conduct your business. Items like credit card information, health data, or other PII, PCI HIPAA compliance requirements often needed by healthcare, government and contacts centers are removed to assure private information is not indexed on servers and can be leveraged for productivity and the big data they contain.

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